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wood kitchen countertops california
Does my homeowners insurance cover water damage due to leaking dishwasher?

I live in California. Seven months ago, we did a kitchen remodel complete. New cabinets, new wood floors, new appliances, countertops, etc. I just found out today that my drain line from the washer has been leaking 7 months ago. The results did not detect it right away because the kitchen floor is slightly uneven and the water was pooling at the back of the wall. Behind my dishwasher and below ground, which is very humid. The cast gets wet, the soil is saturated and my cabinets are showing signs of saturation of water. My question is …. I can file a claim against my homeowners insurance? I am afraid that there is a massive water damage behind walls and that a quick fix will only lead more repairs on the road.

There is a sudden loss, accidental water usually covered. There is a long-term loss, however, has been going on for seven months, may well not be covered. Probably the massive water damage and putrefaction. If you do not want to read your policy to see if there limitations on water damage that occurs during a period of time, call your agent and ask, "hypothetically" if not going to be water damage if, for example, her sister had this exact problem at home.

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