Wood Countertops Bars

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wood countertops bars
Help with colors and flooring in the kitchen counter. Dark Oak cabinents?

I have oak cabinets to be stained a walnut color is dark house. I thinking of going with wood floors laminent. I think you should go lighter because there is a large space and want to appear as large as possible. I can decide what the shadow to go with regret. I am also debating on the color of the countertop. We will use laminent counters. As a sand color maybe a little darker and marble-like light brown / gray. Help me make my kitchen look great. I would also like to take a wall between the kitchen and dining room, remove overhead cabinets and use the fund to create a bar / peninsula. Any thoughts on this and the difficulty of this project. And cabinets are stained a medium color. So which is a lighter color is not an option because we do not want to completely strip the final. Besides that, like dark wood, but do not want to over do it.

Dark cabinets and light soils is a great contrast.You said he was seeing a sand color to neutral color counters .. good is also a good choice as it allows greater versatility in its paint and accent colors. I personally do not like gray wood, but like I said, that's just my personal taste. Removing a wall can be very easy … make sure that wall is not a burden, and if so, I strongly suggest having a professional do it for you. That would not be a great project for a beginner. If not so, then do it … just make sure that all power is turned off (I know it sounds silly, but many people do not think this.) Before doing this, try to cut a bar shows you want and place it on the ground to see if it can fit nicely in the space not crowded dining room furniture. A couple of good light hangs over the bar area would be nicely in a funky accent color (such a good tan). Good lighting in the kitchen can make or break the room. Under cabinet lighting is wonderful and task lighting (recessed) is fantastic in the kitchen.

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