Wood Butcher Countertops

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wood butcher countertops
The interior design help?

Ok just my floors were finished and turned out great. They are red pine. My question is I like the countertop butcher block, but to be too much wood in the kitchen? Any suggestion box color and the color of the countertop will look best with flats? Appliances are stainless steel. Thanks for the help.

Have you considered a soft yellow granite counter or a regular color? I think it would be too much wood. With stainless steel appliances, do not want to make your kitchen "feels too cold." That is the "affection" will get to go more the appearance of wood. What colors around your kitchen? I changed to yellow and red. A touch of red though and looks great in the kitchen. I went with a "Bistro Cooking" if that makes any sense? As for your cabinets, you might consider white? or almost white to beige? You could keep those of wood, but beware colors and let them welcome in the room. Enjoy and have fun:)

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