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wood block countertops
Make deterrants spray for cats (scratches) work?

I live far in the country with a lot of woods around my house, and I have a problem with creatures everywhere (In the past month there have been deer, opossums and raccoons in my garage – the door lock opossums, and skunks have been playing with my cats), so I'm doing my doberman back to prevent the creatures from a distance, so I have to bring my cat back in the house because it has a problem with small animals. The problem is that cats want to destroy my beautiful white couch scratching his arms and front and sides … even when they were hit with a flip flop or yell at them that will not cease. My question is whether the deterrants spray work? I've heard from time to time that the citrus sprays are good to spray on countertops or upholstered furniture to keep them out good, but not sure if I want to lose even more money on things that do not work. Can you recommend the brands that best work? Price is not really a problem.

No. I have can I have for my Christmas tree. My cats never missed a beat. Get a good sisal rope scratching jobs and take their kittens every time you see a scratch elsewhere. You can rub a little catnip on the posts to make it even more attractive mineral. Most of cats and sisal have a couch. Spray a little citrus scent on the couch. Cats hate the smell. Working with them until you get the idea.

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    Maria, I am so happy for you. I, too, am in the process of ritevanong my kitchen. I can’t wait to see the fixtures you’re going to put in for I will surely copy them Thanks for posting your beautiful cabinets.

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