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white water countertops
Why is water leaking from my LightSwitch?

Next to the counters in my kitchen is a light switch with three switches. I just realized water slowly dripping down the side of the switch. It is barely noticeable on the white wall until I look down and saw a puddle about a foot in diameter. Now I have a towel to his aborbs puddles. I opened the switch and saw the water in that country. The sink and dishwasher is 3 meters to the right of the switch and its attachment is a garden hose directly to the outside (off). What could cause water to drip through my wall and out of my LightSwitch? Do I have to call a plumber?

Most likely it's an exhaust pipe on the wall. take a look at the areas that is beside the wall, such as cabinets, pantrys, etc, for signs of damage water leaks. Be careful when driving near the switch and you could receive a shock. I suggest you turn off the switch that feeds the circuit to the switch, as if something goes wrong and a short circuit occurs, a fire can start. all I can think of, other than an exhaust pipe on the wall or ceiling, splashing water is perhaps accumulated in a sink near the switch. whatever the situation can not be sure. call a plumber to get help and keep people in the area. good luck

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