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Remove the grout sealer granite?

I recently installed granite tile countertops in my house. The installer sealed the grout and let the sealer dry on the granite, now I have a movie about granite tiles. How I can remove the sealer film. I tried fat elbow and goop and no luck. So is a palm sander with sandpaper and it does work. Any suggestions?? Thanks

I had this problem and used a strong concentration of 50% vinegar. It worked very well. In another granite installer had used remover grout sealer, which can be purchased in the supply tile. He also used acetone with a small brush and it seemed to work good.Grout sealer when dry is almost epoxy sealant. Clear and very hard. Any these products will work well, but beware of concentration and be sure to use eye protection and gloves. Available in ceramic tile source and local departments of painting. Be sure to wash the area well after cleaning and drying.

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