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tile covered countertops
Tile Countertops – Dirty grout and other questions?

We just bought our first house and the kitchen has beautiful tile counter tops and stone floors. Apparently, the grout was originally white, but most now is brown. I tried cleaning with white vinegar and baking soda and made it absolutely no difference at all. I'm worried about using different cleaning products, because I'm not sure what type of stone, tiles are – is there any way know? Is there another safe way to try to clean the grout? Would it be easier to re-grout? If so, we must raise the old or just covering the new?

Most carpet cleaners will also clean the tile. Try calling a professional. Even if you do not use, you will get a lot of information just to hear what is said. You may try to call a resort and ask if they rent cleaners tile. The cleaner is like a clean carpet with a rubber foot. DO NOT use any more vinegar. Soften stain grout and some stones.

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