Tile Countertops Wood Edge

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tile countertops wood edge
Wood trim tiles cover?

I tiled my kitchen counter and wants to put in some wood trim pieces around the front edge as in newer homes with tile countertops. I want to know is where I can get at Lowe's that? Will it be with all molding, etc. and I'm looking for something inparticular? Thanks!

I did in my kitchen and it looks great. The tiled with 12×12 granite tiles and then topped the box, with a molding decorative. It looks so good. For the front you can use pine is not ours is too soft pine and the kitchen is 6 years now and still looks great. We searched all parties and could not find an edge thick enough to make our own with a router. It was easy and then you can select any wood you want if your desire for the spot. Hint! Be sure to leave about 1 / 4 inches between the tile and wood trim on the front and then filled with silicone (which does not leave a space at the top of the display back to the post-molding of existence to the end that edge off). It will take 3 or 4 times to fill all the way and get even in perfectly with the top, but his value. If the pictures do not expand and contract differently then the wood and grout cracking and look like garbage after a while. Trust me, first it did in the bathroom and what happened and we had to redo the whole thing. Every year or so you need to add a bit of putty or silicone but not a great work is pretty easy and I do it once a year when I reseal the grout is really important in the kitchen so you do not have spots. Its all done in an hour or so.

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    This trim is located in the tile aisle on a end cap in the flooring department. I just picked some up yesterday.

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