Tile Countertops Removing

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tile countertops removing
My Kenmore slide in range is about 1 / 2 inch higher than my desk. (Cooking of the Americas). ?

I have a Corian kitchen countertops new ceramic tile flooring. New slides in the set range, and is about 1 / 2 inch above the counter, even with the feet removed. Called the dealer who sold me the range, and not useful. any suggestion of how it could be fixed? Someone suggested removing the tile in the high end is this the only way?

Seems to have replaced their old counter tops and Corian Corian is thinner than your counter tops or older your cabinets not a standard height. You could have raised cabinets and a half inch platform beneath them. Or the top can be removed and a half inches added to the top of the cabinets. If the sides of the mountain over you could get used to it. If the dishwasher fits well then I guess the range is the that is supposed to be.

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