Tile Countertops Backsplash

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tile countertops backsplash
products for manufacturing gypsum board level between the rear wall studs?

I will install a new kitchen granite backsplash after installed (and not) the problem I'm having is that the drywall (which are grouped) between the posts is in and stands on a "1 / 4 on each side. essentially the wall is not straight. I am wanting to know if a product out there that I can use to build falls in the drywall to make straight walls, backsplash tiles so can I? I hope that all makes sense. thanks for your advice.

I think it can only be built with the mastic used to glue wall tiles. Putty is pretty cheap. For leveling, use the right side of the palette, using the V when you are applying the tile.

softplan intermediate countertop backsplash backsplashwall

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