Stone Spray Countertops

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stone spray countertops

Granite Fabrication

Granite is widely used in homes and offices and the construction of monuments. It is the stone used for countertops, flooring and decorative panels. Granite is extracted from quarries and is in an approximate way. manufacturing granite is the process of converting the raw stone into a finished smooth on the required sizes.

granite rock is a light-colored rock, igneous grain thick. It is one of the hardest rocks and can withstand the vagaries of nature in a very good measure. The same stone is composed of quartz, feldspar, mica and traces of a variety minerals. When igneous rock cools crystals form. Slower cooling rate the larger crystals. These crystals are the granite varieties variety of designs.

Before the target = "_self" granite manufacturing process> starts the rock must be extracted from quarries. Some of the countries known for its granite quarries are Italy, USA, France, China, Brazil and Spain. The type of granite on the place from which removed. The quarries are located on the outskirts of large cities or placed in the high mountains. The granite is extracted and cut into blocks of sizes ranging from 5 x 5 meters and above. These blocks are taken to the manufacturing plants.

granite manufacturing begins once the rough blocks reach the plants. Tools and equipment needed for the manufacture of granite and has to be carried out by highly qualified professionals. The blocks are cut into slabs or tiles. Usually, the pictures are cut into standard sizes 16''x16'','' 12''x12'' 24''x24 o''18''x18. The thickness of the piece can vary from 3 / 8''a ¾.'' For a slab the size is usually 9'x5 'and a thickness of ¾''or more. Cutting machines have a special type rapidly rotating saw, which cuts in granite. The saw has to be constantly cooled by special cooling liquid spray.

The block of Sierra, Banda saw or wire diamond saw used to cut blocks into slabs. Then the bridge was used to cut the slab into the shape you want. Now, a new type of machine is available using jets of water combined with an abrasive material to cut edges and holes quickly and smoothly.

Once the cut is more, the polished The process begins in granite fabrication. Slabs or tiles are placed through huge grinding machines with multiple heads that spin at high speeds. These heads are covered with special cushions abrasive compound bricks or discs. This process Polishing will smooth out any harshness and add a natural sheen on the surface of granite. These machines can produce different types of finishes. Since the end of brilliance a flamed mirror, fallen or hammer final is possible.

After polishing, which is the routing process in the manufacture of granite. Routers are machines used to create the required profiles on the edge of the slab. These machines also can cut designs for large slabs used in fireplace mantels. Worktop the machine can provide standard or highly decorative border.

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