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stone like countertops

Sealing of natural stones like granite

The general idea is that the sealing of natural stones like granite have long term benefits. It is generally considered as a small investment to make surfaces such as granite countertops more resistant dirt and spills are part of everyday domestic routines. However, this can not be viewed as a generalization for all installations of granite or other Natural stones are used. Sometimes, the use of excessive or unjustified use of sealants has now been known to compromise the appearance of the surface and overall texture and finishing the stone.

Granite countertop sealed – now believed that most target = "_self"> granite installations can or should be sealed depending on the type of daily use would be exposed, that is, homeowners are sufficiently careful to regularly clean their grain after each session in the kitchen or after using the granite surface in another way, the need is sealed reduced. However, if the granite is about to be installed will be exposed to a lot of daily use without being seen, especially high volumes of water or spills of oil, then using a sealer is recommended. This helps reduce the amount of moisture and other liquids that can penetrate deep into the surface granite, thus increasing its durability.

Seal requirement Understanding

There are some other factors to be taken into account when trying to determine if the seal on a granite installation is really needed:

  • Stone will often exposed to the weather agents, in particular the type of chemicals such as detergents, soaps and other cleaning products?
  • Is the quality of the stone acquired qualities provide measurable anti-porous natural?
  • What type of finish is planned? (The polished granite surfaces repel water and staining agents, but perfected them could benefit from sealing)

Current trends – the contemporary stone industry has many installation configurations offered granite and each desk vendors may or may not insist on the use of a sealer. However, most of granite obtained today have some degree of resin treatment is done at the factory where the blocks of granite and slabs are prepared and then polished.

_Treatment resin

Treatment of the resin is an innovative method that is being increasingly used to fill gaps minute, invisible to the naked eye as microscopic cracks or fissures surface, which are an inherent part of the natural stone extracted from the depths of the Earth's surface. resin treatment can be understood simply as a method of correction of what are essentially the imperfections that seep into the granite, due to the way it is created through no fault of the provider or supplier. The whole marble / granite industry is trying to gradually move towards grain treated with resin, although granite slabs without resin treatment are too weak in any way apparent.

_ Treatment and resin sealing

Granite has been treated with resin during the recruitment phase has a lower requirement for any type of sealing. However, those who like perfection in what they are buying and I will not even entertain the possibility of any progressive issue-even after decades of use may opt for granite treated resin facilities and get more closed.

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