Stone Finish Countertops

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stone finish countertops
HEADS UP all, vinegar can be hazardous to your house!? cleaning +?

I wanted to write this because I've seen so many false claims about the magic cleaning power of vinegar. Legiimate but has some uses: Do not use on granite countertops do not use on floors with travertine marble Do not use, do not use the devices do not use metal any stone finished vinegar is very acidic value and may destroy some of their valuable improvements and investment costs. Did you know? Nicky, The reason I sent this is because a few people I know have damaged their homes clean with vinegar. Due to the high concentration of acids, which can record literally rocks and metals. You're probably diluting his own, thus avoiding damage. I agree that it is very useful in the laundry, in removing deposits minerals, and many other things. I use bleach, but use it sparingly. Especially for the removal of algae. Peace.

I did not know, or but then again, I've always been wary of such claims. If I clean my metal equipment, use a metal cleaner. If you want to clean granite countertops, I will use a cleaner made for just a job. We felt it was the right thing to do. But always use vinegar for my salad dressing …

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