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Granite countertop stain removal?

Hi all, I have a new granite countertop and noticed a stain / discoloration on it remains a wqter or something. I had other temporary water spots elsewhere in the past and it has dried, but it has been there for 3 days now. How I can delete it and protect it in the future? If I had known these counters, where so sensitive I have a marble. Thanks in advance.

Marble would have been worse, since it is much softer than granite! Call the company that put him in – you should have a tip for you. Also, make sure to remove the stain you close counters. You can buy sealant in stores for home improvements but do not get the cheapest you can find – you get what you pay for! If discoloration water could only be cal. Try scrubbing with a non-abrasive dish sponge. You can also buy products to remove stains from the stone. Good luck!

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