Spray Painting Kitchen Countertops

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spray painting kitchen countertops
Has anyone spray painted kitchen countertops?

Money is tight, but I really want to give my kitchen a facelift. I recently heard spray paint to spray paint caps texture and sounds interesting and inexpensive. My countertops are the 70 and very very ugly, but very durable, so I prefer to arrange face to replace. Has anyone done this? I would really like some information. Also, what do you think about the use of vinyl flooring make a back wall behind the kitchen sink?

I have not tried, but these links can help. The second link is actually a "How" with a list of materials you'll need. Apparently it's possible. The effect looks better in Formica counters. As for the rear … Flats sounds good. You can vinyl get all kinds of visual effects as well as bricks, tiles and marble. I would use vinyl siding, but not vinyl tile.

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