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How much should a landlord charge for cleaning?

I have a one bedroom apartment and want to know how much my own I should Charger for cleaning the apartment after moving. Taking into account that carpet cleaning is a separate charge. I have planned to leave the apartment in good condition cleaning. That is going to clean the toilet, tub, countertops, kitchen sink and stove, besides breathing and movement was necessary. By the way I live in Southern California (Riverside County). I also think the owner is thinking of doing the cleaning themselves. If you do, when I ask for a receipt, what should the existence?

Take pictures as you are going to prove that there was a total disaster, and make minor repairs that may have caused are fixed (eg replaced burner liners, etc..) Also, wash the windows and ceiling lights so the lights are bright. The Polish kitchen sink with Windex if stainless steel. Usually, the office in my area is about $ 100 for a cleaning moving, but could be greater if there is some heavy cleaning required.

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