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slate countertops kitchen
What color to paint the kitchen walls?

We have a kitchen with green sea foam counters and white cabinets. We are trying to wood panels in the bottom half of the walls. We are trying to paint the paneling white, but we are stuck in the top color. We were thinking in a light gray color. Does anyone have any other suggestions? The floor will look similar to slate gray, a little brown, little red / orange. But for the most part darker shades of gray. Thanks

When working with the average kitchen, it is important to remember that most of wall space in the kitchen is dedicated to carpentry. Where appropriate, the paneling is also white so perhaps 80 percent of its Wallspace is white. I take care with the introduction of a gray on the walls even though they have gray on the ground. An important fact to remember when trying to relate two different surfaces in the room with the use of color is this, when we look at the floor, your mind will want to analyze all the colors that are in it. But the eye lens gives a mixture of a single predominant tone. That is the way to really "See." Its floor is at a distance of at least 5 feet plus it is in your peripheral vision, with no direct line of sight …. so both its importance to the eye is not as big as his analytical mind thinks. More important is the cover. In my experience with clients, often find they have great difficulty working with the grays and selecting them as their eyes are not trained to see subtle nuances. I fear that in this case (although I've used in the kitchens of many gray sometimes successfully) the introduction of gray on the walls of your kitchen will look like a Navy mess hall of the ship. The kitchen is the heart of the home, This thinking is key to developing a plan for your room. I reproduce the color on the walls of the counter and then, if he felt the need of another color, I would insert with decorative accents like wall art, ceramics, or plates on the wall or cabinet. Good luck. Rodd

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