Sinks Countertops Bathrooms

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sinks countertops bathrooms
If a house has roommates, who cleans the kitchen and bathroom? The owner lives there, too. If not?

A companion leave room pots and eating utensils in the sink cleaned by the microwave oven clean owner.No dirty or clean the shower countertops.No / T bathtub.Who these.Shouldn is responsible for the owner, since it has a place and collects the rent?

It all depends on what the deal was when the teammate moved! If the responsibilities are supposed to be shared? "Everyone expects to collect for themselves? No contract — Do the right thing – If you make a mess to clean up! If you make something to eat clean, do dishes that use! Maintain what is clean, which they use clean, if everyone pitches in and cleans up after them if stay clean! Bathroom alternate each week between all the roommates and the landlord who lives there! If you are 3 people living there will once every 3 weeks that you have to clean – not bad and hard to do and not always clean! I do not think that is the particular responsibility to clean every thing unless he said that at first, which I doubt! When you pay your rent to the landlord, it is supposed to clean for you, which is not part of the deal. Like if you rent an apartment expected that the manager come in and clean up after you, a little, this will not happen! If anyone wants to do a clean then hire a house keeper again week and share equally all costs thereof.

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