Silestone Quartz Countertops Colors

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silestone quartz countertops colors
Quartz Countertops?

I decided to go with Silestone countertops. The color I chose is the Amarillo Palmira. I have white furniture I do not care, but I worry about my appliances. I have black appliances, how do you think this will be the yellow palmira concidering doesn't have any black in it? Here is the color …. I have a sample and no black in it. What appears to be black in the picture is actually specifications dark blue, and my appliances are actually steel but have a lot of black in them. So that color look good with apparatus are mostly black?

It seems that black is in for me, or maybe a dark gray, which would correspond. Have you seen a real show? If not difficult to judge. I really would like a sample before you commit. One thing that is good is that you have chosen a dark color, has white appliances and furniture black. That sounds a little contrast for me. I think if you go with this you will want to paint the cabinets a soft color of light using one color of light on the counter. Good lucky! I'm sure going to be great!

New Silestone Color Series – Nebula and Galactic

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