Shade Mountain Countertops

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For a flat walk through, what are they looking for?

They're doing inspections of residents' apartments at present (which told us last week). I usually keep a nice home, clean, so we do not have a lot of dishes or the mountains of clothes out there or anything. Of Indeed, it's all very nice clean and organized (as always). However, there are some stains on the kitchen counter and I can not leave the oven, no matter how hard you scrub. Also there is this fun place, discolored the carpet near the door that does not come out. They were there when we moved 3 years ago, did not. Will any responsibility on our part for the spots? That is, it is a complex of 50 years, and judging from the tops yes, I would have been installed the apartments were built (the terrible shade of pink with flecks of gold that screams 1960). I mean, is this all I could get upset? What exactly what they are looking for the inspections?

It is difficult to say why or what you are looking for. Ask if you are there when they leave could range in. between a potential buyer for the inspection of certain things (worn carpet, for example), or that the units need new cabinets, if the furnace filters are changed – Could be anything. I would not worry and not be too worried about the disorder. Hear the sound retro old countertops, and an appeal to hipsters! And yes, are far beyond their replacement date!

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