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richlite paper countertops

How to reduce your carbon footprint with resin furniture

Choosing the right patio set is not an easy decision. Wood and metal are classic choices, but to one side or the risk of putrefaction and oxide, which can be overwhelming, expensive, difficult to maintain, and too heavy to move. Thin nylon and plastics are cheap, but weak. The best way forward is to choose furniture resin, strong plastic that can be made to look like real wood, it is easy to clean, lift, and store, and comes with the impact of the much lower price. One of the best things of the resin is that much of it is today from recycled materials, which can go green in style.

A lot of resin furniture is outdoors with 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE. This is a high density polyethylene are in packaging, most recognizable in milk jugs, but also in detergent bottle, margarine tubs and trash cans. HDPE is melted into a kind of plastic timber then reused for furniture. Every pound of recycled high density polyethylene is roughly equivalent to eight milk jugs worth. That's less than eight jugs of milk in a landfill somewhere.

Some furniture is also made use of Richlite OCC. Is 50% of old corrugated cardboard (OCC) mixed with 50% softwood pulp Northwest Pacific. It has a natural fibrous appearance due to his role ended and does well outdoors with little maintenance required. It can also be commonly found in kitchen countertops due to its resistance to heat and humidity. Richlite OCC has a naturally rich, warm color that does not require death or painting.

Some companies even go so far as to organic production methods as well. To offset carbon emissions from transport and resin furniture products companies can participate in renewable and energy efficient methods, reforestation projects, or through support to national organizations such as the Carbon Fund. If enough is being done to offset carbon emissions, a company (or person) can claim to be carbon neutral.

Also along the lines of transport, packaging of products can produce as much waste as the products themselves, end up accumulating waste in landfills. One way to counteract this is the use of recycled cardboard boxes and padding. By linking recycled cardboard recycled resin furniture, no new materials are being used. In addition, the smaller the boxes used, the cheaper shipping costs and more that can fit in a trip by bus, plane or boat. Some shipping companies own including UPS, have begun to participate in green initiatives.

Even if you can not find recycled resin furniture where you live, resin furniture advanced is a great buy. Opt for plastic cuts the wood down on deforestation and destruction of natural habitats. In addition, the resin is lifelong, so you do not have to throw it away and buy a new game every few years. green living need not mean giving up little luxuries. Efficient use energy light bulbs and energy saving appliances not only helps the environment but also reduces your monthly bills. If everyone does their part, the life is a little greener for generations to generations to come.

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