Retro Countertops Formica

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If you sell your home is updated retro formica counters 50 yellow granite?

I heard there's a 99% return on investment but I'm thinking of granite could convince a potential buyer in our direction, which otherwise would have happened to our property. What do you think?

1. Is it likely that other people consider properties in the range of prices have granite? Granite could be right or may be too high a specification. 2. You want a surprise. Maybe it's the kitchen or maybe something more about the property. 3. Countertops are currently too foreign to most people? If so, then you are losing money and the loss of the buyers with them. How much that matters is to be determined. 4. How does the rest of the kitchen look like? Should there be other changes? 5. What about the rest of the house? Kitchens and bathrooms are very important to buyers (more women than men actually). If the kitchen is large but the bathroom is a mess then you need to put some money in the bathroom. 6. Your budget. If you have limited capital then a layer of paint usually has the best performance. It costs very little and is well (carefully) you can do the work yourself. Some think of painting as work 100 times what it costs in terms of increased value. Also a real professional cleaning can go a long way. I suggest you do a little tour. Go visit some houses are already on the market that would be comparable to your home. An agent can produce a list. See what they have and how they compare. Also look for a house are little more expensive. What have you rather have? Can I change something or is more fundamental (location, school district)? You may not obtain 100% reimbursement of what happens when you make a kitchen or bathroom. Some people spend most of the improvement of the sentence. You can take a closer, more, but offers no more money.

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