Replacing Kitchen Countertops Cost

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replacing kitchen countertops cost
Financial aid?

– We have 167k on a house valued at 230 000 – We want to repair the siding, fence, exterior paint and lanscaping and replace countertops kitchen and windows within a sum of 10k. – Currently pay 330/month on a car loan, 600 per month in personal loan and try to pay an extra 300 to 400 per month for loans – We have another baby, which would increase monthly child care costs by 600-700. We do not know if we: – scrap improvements and try to sell – do nothing – making improvements and trying to sell – consolidation – HELOC – Refinance (we are in a 5-year arm at 5.25 and is about 4 years left we had to refinance a couple of years to make a complete tear off the roof.)

Do not have another baby (yet) to repay loans soon as possible Make sure they are properly secured Accumulate an emergency fund with 4 to 6 months of start-up costs to put 10-15% of their combined wages in investment (Learning to invest before you do this and define your goals) to refinance a mortgage of 15 years if possible, then you are able to start doing projects in the home. Do one at a time and make sure a project is canceled before starting the next. After all projects are carried out, begins to think that baby …

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