Repairing Chipped Countertops

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repairing chipped countertops
Am I the only person who hates stainless steel appliances, etc?

Think I'm the only person on earth who does not like stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors or granite. I watch all these major shows on television and everyone is going gaga for this stuff, I do not understand! stainless steel seems like a hospital. And constantly staining. Why would anyone want to live with the fingerprints without end? Wood floors, which are difficult. And cold. And the wood. Why do not you want to sink my feet into the plush carpet? Granite countertops, too relentless. Establishing a dish or a glass of wine down a bit too hard and misses. And once they are marked, its ruins. No repair to the granite. In addition, not crazy about tile. Very slippery when wet and fear endless mold and dirt in the grout. But this is just me ..

I agree with you on everything but I believe that granite countertops are an adequate substitute for formica horrible. Everyone is on form over function, and all these places seem to me Vegas showgirls. They have character, and will be as obsolete and silly 10 years Brady's kitchen as it looks now. The spots of the equipment is in constant pain – I always look dirty and cleaning them is nearly impossible – water stains too. These massive stainless steel refrigerators take enormous amounts of energy and have very little sense in the way they are set – no more food, especially freezers. Are designed to not look good, to work well. cold tiles and wooden floors, especially in these cheap mini-mansions built to go over night, especially when building on a surface which means the floors constantly as ice and no heat. They are like boats – which are huge money pits. And all which has one of these big houses with all the hardware seems ridiculous restoration can not afford to heat and cool properly – mostly heating in the winter. Their houses are always zero. The roofs do not make sense – that the waste heat like crazy and make the noise level at home unbearable. Nobody thinks these things through more. They just want what they see in magazines without thinking of real comfort. It's sad.

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