Removing Laminate Countertops Cabinets

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Area between splashes against the counter?

I am ready remodeling our kitchen by removing the existing cabinets 60 solid wood and old kitchen countertops curved laminate. Today no splash. When we bought the house, the idiot who put us sticky tile between the counter and the bottom of wall cabinets. When we try to remove, causing the wall of the support chips (drywall or whatever). Now we are putting in cabinets and new countertops, finally, with a backsplash. What I can put between the back wall and bottom of the wall cabinets to plasterboard chips? Replace with panels Plaster or I can use the same laminate counters in the wall of protection against water, stains, etc? I'm spending about 5k and I wanted to do a good job, but not pay much for doing this.

No matter what you do, you want a smooth surface. If the pieces left are manageable, you can spackle over them. If panels plaster it all went, you may need to replace a new one. Since we are only talking about 16 "or something, is not that bad a job and drywall is not expensive. I would say after repair, to do a tile backsplash, and you're on a budget, using cheap tiles, then focus on a few really nice. This makes the stand and really nice you can customize the space. You can laminate, but all the cases I have seen that looked cheap.

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