Remove Stains Countertops

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remove stains countertops
Granite countertops can be refinished to get rid of spots?

My granite around my kitchen has some dark spots can be removed without further clean. I've tried everything. Could be ground down?

who will not wear away granite .. leaves a visible dip in the finish. I'd recommend that poultices. It is a procedure to draw the stain of the stone. I guess their spots are oil stains? If so, take some plain white paper towels (no imprint) in acetone and cover the stained area with them. to cover the towels with plastic sheeting (with tape the edges with blue tape) and leave on the stain until dry towels (this may take a couple of days. sometimes it takes more than a poultice to work. be measured in acetone is highly flammable (explosive) around the flame. be sure that if you have a gas stove is turned off the pilot. the area where the poultice was going to be dark for a time after the procedure, but will lighten as the chemicals they breathe in stone. After poultices, seal the stone. Get a olephobic / hydrophobic sealant (oil / water) and seal the entire top. this will help the stain to happen again. Good luck .. but again .. acetone beware .. can be dangerous if precautions are taken not available. If this is too much, you can probably hire a stone restorer to do it for you .. check with the manufacturer of stone from the area in question.

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