Refinishing Countertops Paint

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refinishing countertops paint

Want a New Look? Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to giving the heart of homes an entirely new look and feel, one of the best tasks to undertake is upgrading your kitchen cabinets. The building blocks of kitchens, it is not only among the most functionally essential features but are also among the most visually dominant. Thus, any changes made to it will greatly be noticeable and enjoyed. And one great thing about doing so is that you need not spend a fortune. This article lays out effective ways to upgrade kitchen cabinets which will not only focus on aesthetics but practicality as well.


Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

Refinishing cabinetry can be done in many ways, but whichever method you plan to venture into, it is crucial that you meticulously check the condition of your kitchen cabinets. This option is ideal only if your frames are still structurally sound. If already in bad condition, then replacement would be the better solution as spending a little on refinishing would all turn out to be a waste if your cabinetry falls apart. Part of the tasks of refinishing is cleaning the surface of the drawer fronts and doors and these can then be either painted in solid colors or finished with a see-through glaze. There are pros and cons of each option but the choice will all depend on your personal taste and preference.


Replace Hardware


As they say, everything boils down to the detail and this is especially true with interior design. You will be amazed at how simply changing the hardware of your kitchen cabinets can give a renewed feel to them. Make sure to choose colors and finishes that goes well with the color of the cabinetry. And if you are sprucing up on a shoestring budget, then you can also try refinishing the knobs and drawer pulls.



When the time comes that you feel you need for more space, you do not have to immediately plan on adding more kitchen cabinets. Especially if you have a small kitchen, this might just be a difficult option. What you can do then to maximize storage without needing to cut down on the available floor space is to add-in innovative organizers inside your cabinets. You can find them at your local home improvement store and also online, coming in a very extensive range of types and designs or have them custom-made. Some of the most common organizers include: Lazy Susan, racks, pull-out shelves, roll-out bins, and others.


Under-cabinet Lighting


A simple and obvious yet most overlooked element in any room design is the benefits of good lighting. In task-designated areas, this factor is crucial and one such place is under wall-mounted kitchen cabinets where countertops are used for food preparation. To add flexibility, throw in dimmers in your plan. This will allow you to control the intensity of lighting and change the ambiance of the kitchen depending on the mood or activity. This step will considerably add to the productivity in the area as well as create a dramatic accent to the kitchen cabinets and the entire room.

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