Recycled Countertops Vetrazzo

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recycled countertops vetrazzo

Bamboo Kitchen popularity grow by leaps and bounds

Bamboo cabinets have increased in popularity in recent months. People like the fact that bamboo is an easily renewable. If fact, bamboo grows typically about 10 feet per year, which translates to approximately 1 / 3 inch per day. Bamboo is really hard, 20% harder than oak solid. Solid bamboo cabinets are formaldehyde-free bamboo provider function used in the project. Custom bamboo cabinets also come with several different styles doors. There is a door slab, a pillow door to door, inlaid a shaker door and raised panel door is now available. Bamboo also can be dyed with water based stain and then covered with low VOC acrylic water-based lacquer.

The drawers can also be done in solid bamboo. Top drawers are 5 / 8 "thick solid bamboo of 1 / 2 solid bamboo funds. Top drawers are interconnected. Best Guide drawer is full extension Blum Undermount SoftClose. The best are the hinges Blum "clip" hinges that allow the door trim easily without removing the screws.

There are also solid bamboo countertops End grain they are also gaining in popularity. Most kitchens use bamboo for the island or peninsula and then the granite or other stone countertops for additional in the kitchen. Another "cool" product "Vetrazzo" a TRO friendly green product that uses a combination of "Recycled Glass" and concrete. The production used glass beer bottles, wine bottles, vodka Sky to name a few. The manufacturer says it is a durable and easy to maintain.

Bamboo Cabinets are typically more expensive than standard cabinets. The custom solid bamboo cabinets can be expensive, but are built to last.

If you are interested in bamboo cabinets and need help finding a good supplier, please email me for additional information.

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Greenovation of Terra Verde Vetrazzo countertop

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