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Things to take into account the weight of your kitchen

It is a place to put your pots and pans hot. It's where food and liquid gallons discoloration dirty discharged each year, where the overflow of the sink and cut the vegetables when you can not find a cutting board. The kitchen counter is where cans land when they fall out of the closet. It's where you stand to do things off the shelf high. It must be hard.

The counter is the surface principal in the fourth most visited in the home. It's where guests always end. It is a place to put your drink at the party in the kitchen. It is the place where food is presents for the buffet. It's where his new friend moves sugar into his coffee. It must be right.

The countertop is also where you sweat more. It's where you're dealing with hunger and food dishes, all at the same time. Food food that comes in and goes out, while garbage piles up. You is home from work to feed the family and hoping you can spend some time together before they go to sleep loss. Has to be easy.

Fortunately there are a number of counters that are tough, good looking and easy. None is perfect, but suits some better than others, so before accept the first thing that draws attention, shop around a bit. Your countertop is the hardest working surfaces in the house and he deserves respect.

Here a brief summary of the major players in the world today countertops. All have proven to be durable, but alas, nothing lasts forever. Chips, cracks and stains will happen, so weigh the needs of their lifestyle against their budget and personal style to find one that suit your kitchen.

1. Granite – This is the new star of the kitchen reno. Granite is a natural stone countertop that can be solid in color selection. Extremely durable and pleasing to the eye, granite is also heat and water resistant. Cons: It is resistant to stains and scratches, but not quite. The seams are visible. The granite can be high maintenance and must resealed every year. Imported and expensive.

2. Quartz – Beautiful quartz countertops offer many of the same benefits as granite, but come in a range Wider color. These counters do not require resealing or polishing. They resist scratches, stains and heat. Cons: The seams are visible and the installation is face.

3. Polished Concrete – custom counters can take any shape or size you want and take in any color you care to pitch. These counters Seamless are heat and scratch resistant and look good. Disadvantages: stains easily and are very expensive. It can be difficult to find experts merchants.

4. Solid surface – usually acrylic, these counters are solid across the road and give you a durable, seamless surface. Water resistant. Small scratches can be sanded away. Wide range of colors and designs. Cons: Although these counters may look solid, which can scratch easily and damaged by heat and knives.

5. recycled glass – looks great. This alternative to natural stone color combines recycled glass with cement to make a cover attractive is good for the environment. Cons: The properties are similar to granite so while resistant to heat and scratches, stains easily and has to be resealed regularly. Caro.

6. Laminate – The old standby, the laminate is cheap and versatile. Made of plastic sheets bonded cardboard or particle is an infinite variety of colors and patterns. A short-lived. Disadvantages: Can be permanently damaged by heat and knives and shows scratches easily. Once in ruins, which can not be fixed.

7. Tiles – Why not tile our kitchen counters more often? Tiles make a counter durable, easy to clean which is inexpensive and can be done yourself. The ceramic is heat and scratch resistant. Comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Disadvantages: Also chips and cracks easily, and makes a poor cutting surface. Despite confessing tile grout stain.

8. Wood – Comes in a range of colors and finishes of maple and oak are the most popular. Makes a pretty easy to clean surface and gives a nice warm effect to the room. May be damaged heat and water, but can be sanded and resealed. Makes a good cutting surface. Cons: High maintenance counter need periodic lubrication.

9. Stainless Steel – Great modern looking countertop. heat resistance and durability. No problem. Easy to clean. Cons: expensive and noisy also. These counters easily dented and dull knives.

Wait to add character to the deck chosen as anything else in your home. No matter what material you choose, make sure it's a love you can not go wrong.

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