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quartz countertops kitchens
Corian vs. granite vs. quartz?

I'm getting ready to remodel my kitchen and decided on granite. But my friend told me that the granite can break (crack) very easy and you should consider Corian or quartz. Any ideas to help me decide which to use? Thank you.

your friend is out of his mind granite is the best that can melt and quartz corian both stain and wear and corian is worse then not only chip and the chip becomes a crack wound after a whole after quartz chips cracks all the time not only for kitchens fall of a quartz crystal in corian and glass breaks and counter chips and flakes and looks bad, more glass breaks a glass on granite drop the glass breaks and that is the most long as you use cleaning products and maintenance of your granite countertop that will last and look pretty sure I could get a chip here or there, but still looks good you can clean and maintain a corian or quartz counter all you want is still fade in places and has scuff marks all over and look like crap, if you want to go with Corian or quartz, you may want to just go with what seems best formica and lasts long and is capable of solving.

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