Quartz Countertops Heat Resistant

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Cleaners quartz / granite countertops?

I've been reading all posts by quartz vs granite counter tops and many of them seem to be reduced by the author LIKES better compared with the actual information (a lot of money caring is taken into account). Supporters say that quartz is more durable, and etc. Opponents say that is not resistant to heat. Supporters of the demand for granite heat resistant object, so that it breaks easily. All this is giving me a pain head! Although I do not try to re-open a can of worms with a debate. I just want to know what surface you can clean the counter-purpose cleaners. I have children and dirt are clear. While it can be cleaned quickly and efficiently, it is easier to use 409 or Lysol spray effect against all burst out $ 45 a shaped bottle of cleaning solution manufacturer. So it's more secure?

with 20 years experience cleaning houses for other people, I prefer granite, you can clean spills pretty easy and if you get a matte finish wipe it down with a high polish and shine.

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