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Marble Granite is an igneous rock and is formed from magma or lava (Molten rock) cooling and becoming solid, which consists of quartz and feldspar. From the ancient period the use of granite has been in most of the temples Hindus in India, especially those built in the 11th century. A large quantity of granite can be found in these structures. The Great Pyramid of Giza, contains a majority of the coffins of granite used in the columns, walls and floor facade, door lintels, frames and jambs. Granite paving stone was used on the front of the river and the piers of the bridges.

The distinctive characteristics of strength, decay resistance, appearance and easy to manufacture certain sizes or shapes and the pattern has created a sense among people in the modern world. Due to its abundance, the granite has been widely used for the ground both inside and outside in public and commercial buildings and monuments. In some places it is also used for tombstones and monuments. A variety of finishing and polishing and impressive array of available colors made it ideal for kitchen countertops and other surfaces such as tables and floors. The increasing amount of acid rain has also made people a choice for tile marble.

The first stone was made in 1750 in Scotland quarries Alisa Craig, an island wildlife sanctuary and now is no longer used for excavation. Marble is a metamorphic crystalline rock in particular a composition of crystalline grains of calcite, dolomite or serpentine. It is basically resistant bacteria and therefore an indispensable element for kitchen and bathroom. Tiles Travertine marble is one of the most popularly used for cladding and paving, etc, is a form of limestone deposited on the ground or surface waters and forming, among other stores. It provides a comfortable and natural look that is unique in its kind and offer everlasting beauty. Moreover, tile, no doubt, travertine increase the value of your home.

It offers the look with the feet on the ground of the stone and is less half the weight of real stone. This structural design adds appeal to your home or building at a reasonable price. The uses of marble in the bathrooms provide a stylish bathroom to match any decor and unlimited feasibility certainly fits your home. If you think of an easy maintenance and durability, then Granite Marble may be the best option.

Our mission is to source and extract careful creation of nature, produce high quality single using the latest innovative technology, and distribution with emphasis on exceeding the expectations of our customers while maintaining the standards set in 1959. "

Marmiro Stones, Inc. owns three plants located near our quarries in Turkey. We are able to control all aspects of production, from selection and removing the import and distribution of natural stone. Products are shipped from our distribution centers or directly from our factories in Turkey after all the international packaging standards for slabs and tiles, products to ensure the safe transport and arrival.
We are able to tailor our products to meet the needs of residential and commercial projects of any size. Working closely with our customers, we offer continuous updates on the selection of the blocks, the production and delivery dates we pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction.

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