Painting Countertops Melamine

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Is it possible to remove paint from the tops?

I painted my laminate countertops over melamine (sp?) Of paint and a sponge … do not like. Is there anyway to remove all the paint?

You may be able to remove solvent and elbow grease, but may end up damaging the laminate tops so be careful. It is better to rub gently and with a very fine steel wool to get the job done faster with a large degree. There are several types of guest painting I have used for small projects that have seemed to work and not damage the subsoil (Goof-off one). But for larger projects that I used paint remover (Stripeze) I do not know if this could damage the laminate or not. Try a small area first. If it is safe, then you can go for it. If you mess up at the end your blade, you and always put a new layer of laminate over the old, even if it has a rounded edge. But that is another matter.

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