Painting Countertops Granite Look

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painting countertops granite look
What color to paint?

I'm looking to paint my kitchen cabinets but are walnut, the floor is white tile and countertops are colored gray granite-speckled species …. What color would be a good match for me to paint an accent wall or walls can all? Not sure what would go with walnut and gray ….. I want to add a little heat, but do not make the kitchen dark-I am leaning towards a pumpkin spice color

I think a pumpkin / spice color would be nice. Here's something to make it easier. Try to find something like a towel or a pillow or a piece of art, with those colors in it. You have the nut, gray, pumpkin, and see how it looks together. Or do you find fomething only walnut and gray, to see what other colors are well combined and can not go wrong. You might consider a sage green. Actually gray is "neutral" so that go with anything. And if you going too dark with the color of wireless local loop, around the kitchen will look like a cave. You can also lock the color of a wall with the pumpkin and use another version lighter in all the cabinets. Good luck.

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