Painted Countertops Granite

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painted countertops granite
I want to remodel my kitchen on a tight budget. I have very old nasty lineolum, walls and countertops. Possible?

I have a kitchen that is 18 'x 18 'and I need new cabinets, granite countertops, painted walls and tile floors. I need someone to tell me if this is possible with about $ 2k or less. I'm on a tight budgt. Thanks. I'm in Antioch, California

You can keep the base of your cabinets and just buy new doors and hardware. If you do not have painted cabinets, you can paint all the same color and you never know that only the doors were replaced. For the floor you could make adhesive vinyl tiles … very cheap and very easy to install! I like the 18×18 tiles because they really make a room look larger. The painting is obviously cheaper … $ 50 paint and materials usually does. For meters that you can install the wood and then tile over it with 12×12 granite tiles (a granite slab installed by a professional who eat the entire budget and then some.) Make sure to close properly. It is very likely to do all this for $ 2000-3000 if you buy in shops around wholesale or overstock and buy everything off the shelf.

New “Granite” countertop with stainless backsplash

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