Newest Kitchen Countertops Styles

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newest kitchen countertops styles
Tuscan Style? (Painting) 10 points?

Ok I bought a new house and has an open floor plan so that more or less the living room, dining room and kitchen are all in the same space. I make my home warm and cozy and nice. and so far I like the Tuscan style decorating. What colors should I paint walls? should use the same color for the walls or use a different color? I have beige couches with dark marble with dark tones of brown and a coffee final table, and my dining table is dark wood with marble. But my kitchen worktops are light gray and light oak cabinets (I know yuck!) Anyway I can not spend much on decorating paint almost exclusively. So what colors should I use to give my new home a Tuscan?

Tuscany the decor is full of texture, especially in the walls. If you want to give your walls a textured look, Venetian plaster is a good option, but can be expensive if you have a large room. It can also be time consuming. The easiest way to add some texture by using an additive texture paint regular latex. You can buy the additive in varying degrees of texture from light to big and you can also control the amount of textures that have through the mix. One of the best rooms to incorporate this issue is the kitchen. With the use of intense colors, like the land of terracotta, brown, reds, oranges, yellows and greens you will soon feel the touch of the Tuscan countryside. Add natural textures such as stone, ceramics, old wood, beams, iron and copper, add some grapes, olives and wine bottles and you feel like you're in Tuscany. =]

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