Marble Polish Countertops

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What is the best way to polish marble.?

I am installing marble countertops in my house and I know the best way to clean before installation.

The shiny polished marble is due to the reflection of light on the millions of microscopic crystals that form the marble. If the surface is perfectly smooth, then the light will be reflected in the line angles providing brilliant, mirror-like look. As the surface wears with age and use, both soft and flat facets of the crystals cease to be the light that strikes the surface dispersed rather than reflecting a sharp angle. This is an issue optical rather than a defect in the material. Most valuable marble found in antique furniture or hundreds of years old floors of goods are generally not shown a reflection high-gloss, but rather the soft glow, soft light scattering that is tasteful old, the surface of grace. Large commercial, as well as casinos in Las Vegas for example, is actually a layer on the stone is repeatedly stripped and replaced to provide a false aesthetic, polished, but also helps protect the surface against abrasion occasional pedestrian traffic. To re-polish the marble, the best way is to hire a manufacturer of stone natural stone countertop installer or qualified to polish the surface with a grinding machine, but start with corn pads for polishing and work your way up the pads ever higher grain until the surface becomes shiny – that is, until the multiple facets of the crystals are perfectly flat and thus reflect light at acute angles again. Be careful be careful to keep dust to a minimum due to grinding stone is a dusty job. Hope that helps!

Sandpaper For Marble Polishing

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