Marble Countertops Stains

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marble countertops stains
What is the best? Corian, granite siletone, marble, etc. …. Stainless Steel ???????? for kitchen countertops?

I'm in process of remodeling my entire kitchen, but my boyfriend and I are in a bind if stainless steel or corian be better to use? want to go with stainless steel countertops steele, cabints and appliances! i wamt something more homey, like cream silestone or corian, accented with stainless steel cabinets and appliances steele. But we something modern and durable. I wanted white marble countertops until I read somewhee which are easily stained, etc … thanks for the tips!

Stainless steel performs well, but your kitchen will look like a restaurant, Corian can scratch easily, is a step up from laminate tops, marble can stain and very easy to scratch that is only good to look at, Silestone is durable and tries to imitate granite and its price is, granite is extremely durable and beautiful, I do not believe in advertising silestone started you have to seal granite every year or can be stained and will be the easy beginning, buying the granite and will not repent

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