Marble Countertops Costs

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marble countertops costs
What is the best that can be used to clean the top of the line marble floors?

I can clean houses for a living and just purchased a home of millions of dollars to clean with the top-o-line marble floors. I've never had plants to clean the tops only are slightly smaller in square meters. Does anyone have any idea about it. I do not care what it costs me as much as the machines are not involved. I'll be cleaning once a week.

If polished marble is protected with a sealant finished floor, the goal should be polished or burnished and periodically reapply keep the surface well protected and in good condition. Because marble is very sensitive and porous, clean only with a neutral pH cleaning solution. Dry with a cloth to remove water stains. Revives scratch and dull marble surfaces with a neutral pH marble restorer. How do I clean marble? Marble is very delicate and requires maintenance to look its best. Here are some basic care tips for cleaning marble. Marble is a very soft stone and is much softer than granite. It is also very porous, making it very easy for acid etching. (Vinegar, tomato juice, orange juice, etc.) Also are prone to water stains or spots, such as marks left by drinking glasses, or water stains after scrubbing. Clean the surface of the marble stone with a soft cloth or mop using a neutral pH solution. Always clean up spills immediately as they occur. Never, ever wipe the floor with vinegar, as they destroy finish. For stains, always seek professional help. Marble cleaning products are available for removing specific stains. How do I clean marble cultivated? Cultured marble is stronger than marble, natural stone, but does not lose its luster over time. To clean cultured marble, fill a bottle Spray with neutral cleaner effects of pH, spray the surface of the cleaning solution and dry with a soft cloth to remove water stains

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