Making Cement Countertops

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making cement countertops
What type of cement / concrete I can use for the manufacture of broken glass countertops?

In fact, I'm dying to know what they use to to the counter. My research shows Portland Cement Type I. Is that according to what someone else has used?

Hi Penny, I work as an associate Flats at The Home Depot in my shop and I thought I'd pass along some information for you regarding setting up your broken glass (or Rotto Vetro) countertops. You can really use any cement or resin-based adhesive to set down. I would recommend to use are patching compound or cement in a bag small. Cement bags are better because you can also use dyes and change the color of cement between the broken glass, leaving you with a colored surface, like the grout. I would do it this way because if they are placed in a mold, it would be easier to use a kind of cement and dump material. You can use tile adhesive, but beware of the materials when it comes to color and then, sealing materials, as even a surface as the concrete must be properly sealed so you can last long. I have also included an instruction guide on how to make recycled glass countertops, half will see the steps necessary to achieve properly bonded glass … Hope this helps, aboveaveragjoe

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