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lowes kitchens countertops
How to install a dishwasher in a kitchen not built for one?

My husband and I are in the process of buying a house. You do not have a dishwasher. Definitely I want one! The house was built in 1991 and remodeled this summer. It has new cabinets and countertops. They're just cheap white cabinets. We asked Lowes and Best Buy if they install a dishwasher. The two said they can only do so if the cabinet is built for him. They will not tear the cabinets. How can we do it ourselves themselves? What do we need? I prefer not to call a contractor.

The easiest answer is to get a "portable" dishwasher. It is a dishwasher on wheels and usually has a butcher block top. Its wheels are usually closer to the sink and connected to the faucet with an attachment easy when you have to use it. It wheeled out of the way when finished. If you want a "built in" dishwasher, you'll have to take one of the base cabinets to accommodate the dishwasher. This will not be easy without damaging the rest of the cabinets and countertop. The top can be glued to the cabinets. Dishwashers are usually 24 "wide. This view if one of your base cabinets is 24 "wide, and it would be best to remove. Each cabinet is probably screwed to the wall, the neighboring cabinet and countertop. If you're lucky, one of your base cabinets is 24 "wide, and is only screwed to the counter top. You may be able to remove all the screws and pull it out from under the counter. Built in dishwasher then be installed in place. You also need a supply of electricity and hot water a drain nearby. Preferably next to or near the sink. If the counter is attached to the base cabinet will be more difficult.

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