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low end countertops
Can you build a house for $ 100k-$ 120k?

We live in Kansas, a rural area, we own a large land and wants to build a new home my husband will do the excavation for the basement and most of the pipes lectrical, painting, also do the landscaping. What we need is the unfinished basement (foundation), frame, sawnwood, panels, windows, doors, cabinets low end (temporarily), the roof, good features, countertops granite bathrooms well, plaster, ll outsource this etc.we. Let tile and carpets also want it to be nice but I will not try to make debt and all that we do not need new equipment. we have a plan of 2,000 square feet up and only need the first story that moves from the other rooms and bathrooms can be expected. Is it possible? Please serious answers.

Gi – It is possible, but you need cash and must lower their expectations as far as "good" characteristics. Install your own windows and doors, see an outside frame the frame work of making cheap, and you know who has to live in a house almost complete for a while. Check with your county on permits and inspections and be prepared to please the inspectors. Granite countertops will probably have to wait! If you need to finance this, you will have a harder time getting a loan for someone who is buying an existing home or with a contractor to build the whole thing. But when is done, you will have a big house can be very proud!

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