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log home countertops
Who should I hire to know what work needs to be done to complete unfinished parents at my house?

My father began building a house the 1980's. This is a 2-story log cabin kit with a basement. The part of the main structure is complete kit, but never get the job done interior extra to make the home suitable for living, there are some electrical and plumbing work completed, but items I know are unfinished floors, walls, kitchen cabinets and counters, lighting. He completed the master bedroom and bath to enable them to spend the night there occasionally. What would be best to hire professional for a complete list of products that are to be done before the house can be considered finished and able to live? My goal is to finish the home of your dreams from my parents and help them move on because they are older and are unable to complete themselves. I do not know where to start.

Contact the supplier of wooden house (it is still around 20 years?) And ask them to recommend some carpenters in your area. Do you want someone who understands the concept log home, as the house is installed differently from other construction and finishing details are handled differently. Kitchens installed against outside (or any record of the walls) offers a special challenge in the way they are anchored to the wall. If the need for electricity and plumbing to be completed here, make sure you are satisfied with the approach and what the end result will be. You are a child friendly and attentive to tackle this project for their parents. My best wishes in their implementation successful.

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