Limestone Countertops Kitchen

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limestone countertops kitchen
Anyone have or limestone stone kitchen countertops?

Any information on limestone kitchen countertops or stone? We update our laminate counters, but do something more unique than granite.

granite is less hassle and more durable, limestone is beautiful but you have to seal as it is often very porus.The limestone will also cost more, but it is hard to beat the look, if you are good to keep up with the sealed ant not in it (use a cutting board) the limestone wonderful.If want a contemporary look that you can consider that concrete countertops can be stained many different aspects and personalized to configureations and the cost is almost the same as limestone. I am a contractor that deals exclusivly with the luxury home market and I havedealt with limestone, granite, concrete materials, etc and others, and my suggestion would be to seal the limestone every month or two and make you very happy.

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