Lime Green Countertops

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lime green countertops
I have some ideas to paint my kitchen in 1970.?

I have the classic avocado green appliances and countertops Golden Harvest. You can not afford to upgrade these and still a great job. But I need some ideas for painting walls and cabinets. Currently we have the classic oranges, lemons, limes and wallpaper with dark brown cabinets. Just recently replaced the floor with oak floor panels (honey color) Any and all suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

Be target has been suggested here, but I will say no, no, no, make that avocado white and gold stand out too much.I m 'going to suggest a rich cream or yellow soft butter, which collects the honey tones, beautiful in her apartment and am supplementing your counters.I "will also suggest you take a look at your appliance epoxy a spray-very similar to spray paint, but dries to an end much harder, more durable. I have used many times always getting excellent results that comes in white, black and stainless steel and I'm sure Lowe's has created Home Depot does.The walls also really depend on your preferences, but if you choose the shades of cream or butter (Neutral)) has a wide range of colors to choose anything from sage green to mocha with light blue terra cotta pumpkin all with great results

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