Laminate Veneer Countertops

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laminate veneer countertops

Top 5 most remarkable kitchen remodeling

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most renovated rooms in houses today. This is because some Simple changes can transform the whole look and feel of these rooms.

By remodeling the kitchen of the trend is towards decorate rooms that work perfectly, but they are showing signs of age and wear.

Kitchen cabinets, countertops and floors show the most wear, but other easy doing renovations in the kitchen is the addition of the islands and the change of lighting.

1. Lighting

Perhaps the highest and easy way to change the appearance and function of the kitchen is changing the lighting. This can be done in three simple ways.

First, add some task lighting that illuminates a specific work area. Each work area should have its own task lighting. An easy way achieve this is by adding under-cabinet lights. These are lit all desk stations and easier to see what you are working.

Ambient lighting is the second type of lighting that should be considered in a kitchen. This will set the mood of the room and must come from a functional appliance which gives a soft light throughout the space.

Finally, there is no accent lighting that highlights the architectural elements or other features of your kitchen. For example, the addition of excess cabinet lighting will emphasize the high ceilings.

2. Correcting Cabinet

Once the lighting is in the renovation of the kitchen to the side that is popular for correcting cabinet, which is an excellent way to refresh and update the look of a kitchen.

In essence, the process of rectifying the kitchen cabinets involves placing a thin layer of real wood or laminated veneer cabinets and is about 60 percent cheaper than replacing the kitchen cabinets.

Plastic laminate comes in a variety of colors and wood grain effects. But because a product is not flexible, not suitable for cabinet doors with high or decorative surfaces.

Rigid thermo foils are similar to plastic laminate, but is flexible so it can be applied to any style of door.

real wood veneer is available in all natural wood species and is best suited to areas flat, and that does not adhere to every curve.

3. Countertop replacement

Unfortunately, most kitchen counters can not be revived cabinets in the same way you can, so it must be replaced. But when it comes to the replacement of countertops, not making the decision based on looks alone. It is important have durability, maintenance and cost into account.

The most sought after deck and also the most expensive is granite. This natural stone is beautiful and is very durable, but requires regular maintenance with a special sealer to keep it protected and looking great.

A counter cheapest and most common is plastic laminate. This area is less durable than granite, but also require much less maintenance.

solid surface or engineered stone combines the best in durability and maintenance. But it's expensive – comparable in price to natural stone.

The tile is a cost-effective counter option is also very durable, also requires extra effort to keep the grout, that absorb stains, odors and bacteria.

Wood is a wonderful choice for a countertop the kitchen, but not always the best surface for all jobs. Most often, the wood is in the form of a butcher block island surrounded by counters other surface.

This idea of mixing and matching the sales areas is gaining popularity because it is a great way to create a kitchen that suits all needs and save money by insulating expensive options such as granite to station a small bakery, or timber on an island.

4. Moreover, the island

The islands are a popular choice in kitchen remodeling and may be a great way to maximize open floor space and increase usable space against.

Today, islands can be permanent or portable house sinks, ovens, cook tops and can even provide storage very necessary. Since multiple doors for wine racks and bookstores, the islands can have everything and look great, too.

The top most popular island and practical is the wooden butcher block that supports either the preparation of food, but also makes a suitable surface to eat double islands, breakfast bars or tables for casual dining.

5. Soil redo

When it comes to kitchen floor, it is not surprising that the best types contain the same materials the countertops. This is because they are designed for durability and stain resistance.

Stone and tile floors are more durable and easy to clean, but can be uncomfortable standing for long periods of time. This can be alleviated by the strategic placement of carpet in front of sinks and cooking stoves, which is long.

Wood has more cushion to it, but requires more maintenance and can dent if heavy or sharp objects like knives, pots or eliminated.

That leaves vinyl, laminate and linoleum floors that are more affordable. But keep in mind that vinyl is a petrochemical product and its production and disposal produces dangerous toxins that are released into the environment.

Linoleum, on the other hand is a natural product made from oil linseed oil. And while laminate is good, may not be the best choice for a kitchen where spills occur regularly, it can be damaged and deformed by moisture.

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