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How to protect your Corian countertop heat

Corian countertops are very hard and resistant to heat, is important (as with all roofing materials) to minimize direct heat exposure to protect your surface and investment and keep your countertop look beautiful forever.

Corian is not a flammable substance. In fact, is a key component, alumina trihydrate is used as a fire retardant. Corian no burns – but in extreme high temperature of the resin used may fade or even melt. Corian is heat-formable – offering designers the ability to mold anyshape almost, a very desirable characteristic for a substance that is to all intents and purposes of artificial stone. This does not mean that you should never expose to temperatures exceeding at 100 degrees C (actually, do not want to expose any area of work at such temperatures, especially laminate and wood are much less heat resistance).

It is always advisable to place hot pots and pans directly on the counter. A pan during cooking is very hot indeed, well above the boiling point water.

Always use heat trivets or hot pads when placing hot objects on any surface and use a trivet in portable generating equipment heat as a toaster oven. They also allow cookware to cool before placing in the sink with Corian ®.

If you are asking for a table of new or replacement work, you can get stainless steel pan-rest built in. It is a permanent feature and attraction of your work surface and may reside, for example, on the counter next to the plate. Expecially useful if you are liable to be harassed or forgetful to cook!

But accidents happen – And that's where Corian is really remarkable properties into account.

For a start it's "a solid surface '- this is jargon to really have the same color and finish all the way, which means that the discoloration of the application of excessive heat can be sanded away.

You can ask Corian your provider do it for you (which is what I do!) Or take a walk to his car. An enterprising DIYer needs: a light abrasive cleanser, a non-zero pad, light sandpaper and an electric sander. Note that this technique only works on light scratches or marks to the more drastic step until after in the article.

First wash the counters in the area that has normal scratches the surface. Use a light abrasive cleanser and a pad nonzero as Scotch-Brite. Use light circular movements, then rinse with a damp cloth. Apply only light pressure.

Restore a role 400 grit sandpaper on a wet surface, when the cleaner does not get all scratched surface with light pressure only.

Check the area sand to make the edges of the area where sand has been mixed with the rest of the countertop. Lightly sand the edges, if necessary.

If the discoloration persists, contact a Corian dealer or mason, I'm sure going to be able to help.

With drastic damage to Corian can replace sections. Corian is the great advantage of being a man, so has remarkable color fidelity, and even many years at the time of manufacture an almost identical color can be matched for you. If a small part of the work surface is a bit broken, do not have to replace the entire work surface – only the area that is damaged. This really is a job for professionals, I would not recommend for the DIY expert. One reason is that the adhesive glue used – industrial cyanoacrylate, is not available at the counter, industrial, and things have been shown to survive until the Corian is the link. A professional will also have the knowledge and tools ensure that the combination was perfect – and not even realize it had never been any damage to your work surface.

So there you have it. Corian ® is a remarkable material that is in many ways a perfect solution for your kitchen, and a little care and maintenance can easily last a lifetime.

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