Laminate Kitchen Countertops Colors

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laminate kitchen countertops colors
What should I tell my kitchen look?

well, so I have white cabinets, laminate countertops and ugly white walls, I'm going to put tops granite and the cabinets and painting the walls, but do not know what color granite to choose from, I do not like white cabinets and I would paint color but do not know what would look good with what, my floor is tile eggshell and I'm not getting rid of this helps!

Choose your granite color first. Look at the options and determine what will work for you and then re-do the cabinets and walls. I have a black / gray / white granite with cherry cabinets and floors and walls, color wise. My appliances are stainless steel. It is easier to "match" with wood stains granite once you have chosen.

The Lamination Challenge

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