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laminate countertops saw
Kitchen countertop / paint?

We're making some minor reindeer at the time because we are looking to put our house on the market. I'm trying to find out what to do in my kitchen. The walls are horrible – all white with an orange feature wall (since we moved). We will paint over it, and replacing our countertop. I saw a dark red top that I loved, but I worry that it would be too "out there" to potential buyers. My kitchen is not very great, and looks to the north, but has a large window over the sink. The laminate flooring is stain antiques. The cabinets are freshly painted white. Any suggestion of color for the walls and countertops?

Everyone wants granite tops, but they are $$$$. The synthetic alternatives are overlaps granite in a matrix stabilized. Elegant looking and not too expensive. The other idea is to have some pretty good Formica new models that mimic granite. yes, counter tops be the most expensive, but what really sells the kitchen. Yes, red is my fav color, but for the sale of your home's best to go conservative. Color with white cabinets actually have more variety in the colors of the counter. With darker than the ground can go with faux granite countertops in the darker shades, imitating a the ground. Or you can go white / black / white with dark soil. White kitchens are once again fashionable. Accessories with an interesting color ….. red, for example, simply do not go overboard.

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