Laminate Countertops Refinish

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What is the best way to refinish the cabinets and laminate surfaces?

I assume that by "laminar," which means Formica, in which case PAINT can be used, but like many others here asked Q: "I can?" Usually responds: "Yes, but You may be disappointed with the result "You can get the answers you say rough up the surface, surface preparation, use of space-age coatings Technolgy, but heck, a scratch finger nail, or the order of the cutting board, could damage their efforts. Beyond that, finishing, no matter what they are, must not equal contact with foodstuffs. The resurfacing countertops, cabinets, will be a tedious, complicated, if done correctly, but not impossible. Certainly, removing the foil creates even more problems with labor-intensive. I probably want to use the method Scuff and tough but not paint. Once you get a grip surface, which would use a contact cement with water based, and reapply new Mica. If you hired a contractor front, I promise you will not remove the old mica. Obviously, as DIY, consisting of tools as well blade / tooth saws, a router, just throw brushes time, non-functionality of the kitchen in time periods. Steven Wolf Just my two "sense"

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